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French spelling by digischool


A free application to test and improve your spelling in French! ◉◉◉ ◉ Created in partnership with Guillaume Terrien, The champion of France in spelling. This application is composed of hundreds of lessons and more than 5000 questions and test.
◉ Discover the numerous features of this application: -4 difficulty levels ranging from easy to expert -clear content approved by the French spelling champion -easy to use -explanations to help you understand and progress -trophies to win and collect
◉ What is Orthographe francaise? The Orthographe application was created in partnership with professionals with the goal of allowing everyone to improve their writing thanks to efficient learning methods over a multitude of themes.
◉ How it works It's very simple, review the lessons regularly then test your knowledge with the exercises. The more correct answer you give, the more trophies you will win.
◉ Do you think you're ready? Check your level with the tests. You will answer questions at random which will give you a mark to help you get a better idea of your current a level and what areas you need to work on.
◉ The application covers all the areas that will allow you to improve your spelling in French: - Grammar: Noun plurals ending in 'eu'; adverbs ending in 'emment' and '-amment', etc. - Homophones: 'ces', 'c'est' or 'sait'; 'dans' or 'd'en' etc.
◉ Why choose Orthographe? Because it is fun, pratical and completely free! You will have access to content created in collaboration with the French spelling champion as well as being able to test your knowledge with the exercises. You can also get a good idea of your current level and how to improve it. All of this in one unique application.
◉ Can I use the application without an internet connection? Yes. Once you have downloaded the application you can use it anywhere at anytime.